About my pictures.

I work with collage, woodcut and intaglio.

Always in black and white, with all the shades in between.




Collage is layer upon layer of paper.

I build up the pictures with remnants of graphic sheets,

and using the tones from the different papers.

I draw with pencil, chalk and ink.

Inspiration is from the landscape. Near the place I relate to.

Actually, it could be anywhere so long as it is winter with trees, water, ice, rivers and hills.

In order to recreate the temperature of winter; Frost, mist and snow.

Something familier, something felt.

I simplify and play with abstract form.

The eye reads a picture with horizontal and vertical lines, like a landscape.

I try to make it resonate.

It must work, as a whole.



The possibilities and restrictions of wood facinate and inspire.

I must work within the bounderies of the wood.

Wood is a living material.

One must respect the direction of the grain and the hardness of the material.

As a rule I work with pine finér. This is rough and soft.

The growth rings are visible.

Directions is important as there is a tendency to splinter.

Tools are rough and sharp. But anything which leaves a mark can be used.

I can also work with beech finér which is a harder wood.

Then I can cut in all directions, with more detail.

The motive must suit the chosen wood.

I work simply and direct.

With woodcuts one cuts away everything which is to remain white.

What is left on the plate is the printed picture.

If I have cut wrong or cut away too much, there is no going back.

The impression is rough and brutal.

In woodcuts is it the relation of the surface and not the line which makes the composition.

The pictures are simple, mostly of animals.

Not naturalistic, but animals in situations and moods everyone can recognise.

Titles are important.

I can also simlify the animal forms and work the surface, as ornament.



I work with both copper and zink.

It is simply and direct.

The motives are landscape, often the same as in collages.

Also here it is simplefying and relation between dark and light which engages me.

I use different tecniques such as engraver tools, sandpaper, steel wool, mezzotint and roulette.

The plates are quickly worn so all the prints are slightly different.

I use all kind of black ink. Both oil and water based.



The book "Visdom" -"Wisdom" comprises two books, published as one contained in a box.

This has both norwegian and english versions.

The text are poems of Hans Børli. Chosen and translated into english by David Brand.

The consept is by Mari Krokann Berge and David Brand.

The artistic presentation is by Mari Krokann Berge.

The book is printed in 26 examples, numbered A-Z

Each book contains unique graphichs printed in dry point and woodcut.

Each illustration measures 20x100 cm. which is folded so that it covers 6 pages.

The text is printed up on the illustration.

The norwegian and english versions are different.

Two stiff facings, one on each side, forms each book.

All the bookcovers are different.

The box measures 21x25 cm. It is 5 cm thick, in grey and black.

The book is for sale on request.